The Bowland Maths assessment tasks

School closed? These problems are more interesting than your typical test! Look on page 2-3 of the PDF for the problem - don't read on until you have tried to solve it.

Bowland Maths includes over thirty tasks designed to help you assess your pupils' achievements and progression against the Key Processes defined in the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum. To help you with this assessment, each task comes with sample pupils' work, and a "progression table" showing how pupils' work on this task can provide evidence of their progress with the four Key Processes. These self-contained tasks take between twenty minutes and an hour.

These materials are also ideal for formative assessment that concentrates on providing the types of rich feedback that have been proven to help pupils improve their reasoning.

Although titled 'Assessment', these tasks have been designed to be just as rich and engaging as the longer 'Case Studies'. If you are new to Bowland and unsure about taking on a 3-4 lesson project, one of these shorter tasks would make a great basis for a lesson.

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