Security Camera


Security Camera

Pupils select the best position to put a security camera in a shop.

Practical details

National Curriculum levels 4 to 7
30 minutes to 1 hour
Ruler, calculator, 1cm squared paper; spare copies of shop plan

Key Processes involved

Draw correct sight lines to identify which parts of the shop are visible and which are hidden
Find the percentage of the shop that is hidden and compare hidden areas from various viewpoints
Interpreting and evaluating
Vary the position of the camera systematically and evaluate each position, trying to minimise the hidden area
Explain how they know that this is the best position

Teacher guidance

Check that students understand the context, eg with pictures of security cameras from the internet and with questions such as:

  • Have you ever seen a security camera in a shop or a bus? What did it look like?
  • Some may not look like cameras at all, but like small hemispheres. .
  • The drawing shows a plan view of the shop, which means we are looking down on the shop from above.

Pupils can tackle the task in different ways but they might be expected to:

  • construct sight lines
  • find the areas of triangles and quadrilaterals
  • calculate fractions and percentages of areas