Ice Cream


Ice Cream

Pupils plan quantities they will buy in order to maximise their profit from selling ice creams at a school event.

Practical details

National Curriculum levels 5 to 6
30 minutes to 1 hour
Pencil, calculator and paper

Key Processes involved

Interpret diagrams and words and select the appropriate information from them
Work logically towards a result, recognising the impact of constraints. Calculate accurately and apply routine algorithms, making estimates and checking calculations
Interpreting and evaluating
Interpret their calculations in context
Communicating and reflecting
Show reasoning clearly

Teacher guidance

Check that pupils fully understand the context, for example by explaining:

  • You are planning to make and sell ice cream cones at the school sports day. You need to calculate the costs to make sure that you don’t make a loss.
  • What points would you think about?

Pupils may tackle this task in different ways, but might be expected to:

  • solve simple problems involving ratio and direct proportion
  • calculate fractional or percentage parts of quantities and measurements, using a calculator where appropriate
  • interpret graphs and diagrams, including pie charts, and draw conclusions