The Bowland Professional Development Modules

School closed? This part of the site is really meant for teachers, but if you are organising home-schooling for students then the 'Into the Classroom' section of each module contains a plan for a problem-solving lesson.

The seven modules of the Bowland Maths Professional Development cover the main pedagogical challenges in handling activities in the classroom that are involved in investigative, non-routine problem solving.

The modules are activity-based; they are built around specific problems of the kinds found in the Case Studies, but short enough to fit into a single lesson. The activities are designed for teachers working in groups, but teachers working alone can view extra videos of teachers discussing the issues and trying the activities with their classes.

Each of the seven modules is a three part “sandwich”:

Introductory session:
Teachers meet together, work on some problems, discuss the pedagogical challenges they present, look at video of other teachers teaching one of the problems and then choose a problem and plan a lesson based on it.
Into the classroom:
Each teacher teaches the planned lesson, guided by lesson notes.
Follow-up session:
Teachers come together again to describe and reflect on what happened in the classroom, to discuss video extracts showing teacher interventions and their pedagogical implications, and to plan strategies for future lessons.