Involving pupils in self and peer assessment

How can pupils help each other to progress in using Key Processes?

Self-assessment by pupils is an essential component of formative assessment - especially when the focus of the assessment is on Key Processes. This module encourages discussion of the following issues:

  • How can we help pupils to become aware of the Key Processes?
  • How can pupils take more responsibility for their own learning?
  • How can pupils be encouraged to improve each other's work?

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The module is a three-part "sandwich", giving a chance for participants to try the new ideas in their own classroom, then reconvene to discuss the experience:

Introductory session

Discuss the issues, observe a lesson video and plan your own lesson

Into the classroom

Try an activity in your own classroom

Follow-up session

Reflect on your experiences and explore related issues


The videos were made possible by the hard work, patience and cooperation of the staff and pupils of Arthur Terry School, Sutton Coldfield.

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