Royal Liver Clock


Royal Liver Clock

Pupils apply their knowledge of circles and show their ability to estimate appropriately.

Practical details

National Curriculum levels 6 to 8
About 45 minutes
Paper and calculator

Key Processes involved

Show their understanding of the problem
Use logical reasoning and make calculations
Interpreting and evaluating
Consider the appropriateness and accuracy of their solution in the context of the task
Communicating and reflecting
Present their arguments clearly

Teacher guidance

You may wish to set the scene by showing the slides on a whiteboard, with the comments:

  • This task is to estimate the numbers of people who could sit round the two large clock faces of the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool and Big Ben in London.
  • You are given some facts to help you and some clues on where to start.

The task requires proportional reasoning and knowledge of circumference of circles. During the work, the following probing questions may be useful:

  • How can you work out how much space you need to allocate to each person? Are there different ways?
  • How confident are you that your estimate of the number of people is realistic?

Pupils could estimate the proportion of the face shown in the photograph and use that to estimate the number of people round the whole clock face, or they could use the photograph to estimate directly the number of people per metre or per foot. In addition, pupils should show appropriate rounding and consider accuracy.