Day Out


Day Out

Pupils are asked to choose the best trip using survey data and then cost it.

Practical details

National Curriculum levels 4 to 5
30 minutes to 1 hour
Pencil, calculator and paper

Key Processes involved

Simplify the situation, summarise unsorted data, and represent data mathematically.
Calculate costs accurately.
Interpreting and evaluating
Interpret their tables and deduce the best place for the trip.
Communicating and reflecting
Clearly describe their decision making process and their methods.

Teacher guidance

Check that pupils understand the context, for example, give out the task sheet and ask general questions such as:

  • Which place has the cheapest entrance fee?
  • Which place is nearest?
  • What are Lucy’s first and second choices?
  • How does the bus company charge for the coach?
  • How much will teachers have to pay?
  • How much will the school pay towards the total cost of the trip?

Pupils can tackle this task in different ways, but they might be expected to know:

  • How to collect discrete data
  • How to record data using a frequency table