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Introductory session guide PDF DOC
Into the classroom: lesson plan PDF DOC
Follow-up session guide PDF DOC
Handout 1 Thinking about why we ask questions PDF DOC
Handout 2 Comparing 'effective' and 'ineffective' questioning PDF DOC
Handout 3 Characteristics of effective questioning PDF DOC
Handout 4 Problems to try PDF DOC
Handout 5 Planning for effective questioning PDF DOC
Handout 6 Comments on the problems PDF DOC
Handout 7 Suggested further reading PDF DOC

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About how many dentists are there in the UK?
Chris's lesson
Follow up session
Gwen's lesson
Into the Classroom
Introductory Session
Jeff's lesson
Teachers discuss effective questioning
Teachers reflect on their lessons

Large versions of the problems (for projection)

Sharing petrol costs PDF DOC Multiplication grids PDF DOC
Aircraft turn-round time PDF DOC

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