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Into the Classroom

Into the classroom

Tasks to try in your classroom

You can find support materials for the three suggested classroom tasks here. These include big-print versions of the problems (useful for whiteboards) and any software you need Choose the task you are using on the bottom left of the screen. Press "play" to have the task read out. If you need to install the Multiplication grids software on classroom computers, see the Resources index

Sharing petrol costs

Modelling and explaining

Each day Dan's mum drives him to school. On the way, she picks up 3 of Dan's friends, Chris, Ben and Anne. Each afternoon, she returns by the same route and drops them off at their homes. At the end of a term, the four students decide to pay a sum of 100 pounds towards the cost of petrol. How should they share out the cost? Find some reasonable solutions and say which you think is best and why.

Multiplication Grids

Solving logic puzzles

Type the numbers 1 to 9 into the yellow spaces to make the products of the rows and columns correct. There is more than one puzzle to solve! What advice would you give someone else to help them solve puzzles like this?

Aircraft turn-round time

Planning and organising

The table shows the jobs which need to be done on an aircraft between landing and taking off. What is the shortest time needed to do all these jobs? Would it make any difference to this time if the people could get off more quickly (from the front and rear of the plane)?