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Introductory session guide PDF DOC
Into the classroom: lesson plan PDF DOC
Follow-up session guide PDF DOC
Handout 1 Building a school with bottles in Honduras PDF DOC
Handout 2 The modelling cycle PDF DOC
Handout 3 The modelling cycle: questions to ask yourself PDF DOC
Handout 4 Building a school with bottles: the Key Processes PDF DOC
Handout 5 When should we introduce mathematical techniques? PDF DOC
Handout 6 Typical maths activities in the Case Studies PDF DOC
Handout 7 Types of problem used in the Case Studies PDF DOC
Handout 8 What about the tests? PDF DOC
Handout 9 Photographs for mathematical discussion PDF DOC
Handout 10 Some mathematical questions on the photographs PDF DOC
Handout 11 Suggested further reading PDF DOC

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Follow up session
Frank's Lesson
Into The Classroom
Introductory session
Teachers discuss 'introducing the maths'
Teachers discuss pedagogical implications
Teachers planning a lesson
Teachers reflect on their lesson

Presentation: Building a school with waste plastic bottles

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