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Bio Fool Fact Sheet

Bio Fool Fact Sheet

The table shows the UK average annual rapeseed yields between 1998 and 2002, the yield is in tonnes per hectare (T/ha). From:

The density of diesel is about 0.8g/ml

A tonne of rapeseed oil produces approximately 1200 litres of biodiesel.

The Which? Report for 2007/8 gave the following fuel consumption figures in miles per gallon (mpg) for medium size diesel cars
Renault Megane 56mpg VW Jetta 47mpg
Mercedes A-class 47mpg
The Department of Transport gives a figure for all diesel cars in 2005 as 39 mpg

Average mileage is about 10,000 miles per year

In 2005, there were 26,208,000 cars on the road

Set Aside Land: in 2002 there was approximately 650, 000 hectares of set aside land

Agricultural Land: In the United Kingdom, in 2005, 4,583,439 hectares of land was used for crops.


A hectare is 100m * 100m An acre is about 0.4 hectares

A hectare is about 2.47 acres A tonne is 1,000 kilograms

A UK gallon is about 4.55 litres

Diesel Consumption: In the United Kingdom in 2005 19.44 million tonnes of diesel were used for road transport. (from the Department for Transport website

Table 3.1 is Petroleum Consumption: by transport mode and fuel type: United Kingdom: 1995-2005