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Key concepts

There are a number of key concepts that underpin the study of mathematics. Pupils need to understand these concepts in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding.

1.1 Competence

a Applying suitable mathematics accurately within the classroom and beyond.

b Communicating mathematics effectively.

c Selecting appropriate mathematical tools and methods, including ICT.

1.2 Creativity

a Combining understanding, experiences, imagination and reasoning to construct new knowledge.

b Using existing mathematical knowledge to create solutions to unfamiliar problems.

c Posing questions and developing convincing arguments.

1.3 Applications and implications of mathematics

a Knowing that mathematics is a rigorous, coherent discipline.

b Understanding that mathematics is used as a tool in a wide range of contexts.

c Recognising the rich historical and cultural roots of mathematics.

d Engaging in mathematics as an interesting and worthwhile activity.

1.4 Critical understanding

a Knowing that mathematics is essentially abstract and can be used to model, interpret or represent situations.

b Recognising the limitations and scope of a model or representation.