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Chain Gang Task

Chain Gang

Human chains are a form of protest in which demonstrators link their arms in a show of solidarity.

Not surprisingly, the organisers usually report higher numbers than do the authorities.

Below are some notable chains and the numbers claimed.

Check each of the claims - do you believe them?

Say why or why not !

Year Event Location Attendance Claims Size
1997 XII World Youth Day, 1997 Paris 400,000 A 36 km ring surrounding Paris
2004 228 Hand-in-Hand Rally Taiwan: from Keelung to Eluanbi

Just over 1,000,000 according to authorities

over 2,000,000 according to organisers

500 kilometres (300 miles)
2004 Israeli Chain


Gush Katif to the Western Wall, Jerusalem

130,000 (according to police)

200,000 (according to organizers)

90 kilometres
2004 Bangladesh Teknaf to Tentulia Over 5,000,000


(650 miles)