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Mathematics can save lives

This case study is an authentic context in which an adult in the Australian Outback attempts to save a young orphaned kangaroo. Through video clips, photographs and data, pupils become familiar with a range of data about the several different species of kangaroo. They use the data to identify which kangaroo has been assigned to them and develop a feeding programme in order to save its life.

Mathematical content

Key stage 3 National Curriculum areas covered include:

  • Key processes pupils are expected to identify for themselves the mathematics; put together their own chains of reasoning and use mathematical procedures in combination; create convincing arguments from their evidence; consider their assumptions and the accuracy of their results and communicate effectively; reflect on their approaches and results.
  • Number and algebra using rational numbers and their properties and their different representations; rules of arithmetic applied to calculations and manipulation with rational numbers; application of ratio and proportion.
  • Geometry and measure points, lines and shapes in 2D coordinate system; units, compound measures and conversions.
  • Statistics presentation and analysis of grouped data; the handling data cycle.

Organisation and pedagogy

There are four teacher-led activities and one pupil-led presentation lesson, each of one hour. It is possible that some of the lessons will take longer than an hour. Each lesson is presented in two formats: as a detailed lesson format for those teachers unfamiliar with extended problem solving tasks and also as a lesson outline for more experienced teachers. A mixture of class, individual and group work is involved. The materials are appropriate for all pupils in Key Stage 3. Each lesson has a small homework task. Access to computers is highly desirable, but not absolutely necessary.


The resources are contained in two interactive resources:

Pupils' browser - containing all the information, videos etc. needed by pupils
Teacher browser - containing all the teachers resources and lesson plans

Additionally, each pupil will need a paper copy of the following:

Adobe Reader is required to view the pdf files contained within this case study.
Microsoft Excel is needed for some activities. A graph plotting programme is desirable.

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