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Into the Classroom

Into the classroom

Tasks for assessment lessons

You can find support materials for the three suggested classroom tasks here. These include big-print versions of the tasks (useful for whiteboards) and any software you need Choose the task you are using from the lower left of the screen. Press "play" to have the task read out.

Counting trees

This diagram shows some trees in a plantation.

The circles show old trees and the triangles show young trees.

Tom wants to know how many trees there are of each type, but says it would take too long counting them all, one-by-one.

1. What method could he use to estimate the number of trees of each type? Explain your method fully.

2. On your worksheet, use your method to estimate the number of:

(a) Old trees

(b) Young trees

Security camera

A shop owner wants to prevent shoplifting.

He decides to install a security camera on the ceiling of his shop.

The camera can turn right round through 360 degrees.

The shop owner places the camera at point P, in the corner of the shop.

The plan shows ten people are standing in the shop.

Which people cannot be seen by the camera at P?

Where would be the best place to put the camera?

Cats and kittens

This poster claims that, in just 18 months, a female cat can have 2000 descendants.

Work out whether this number of descendants is realistic.