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Into the classroom

Into the classroom

Problems to try in your classroom

You can find support materials for the three suggested classroom tasks here. These include big-print versions of the problems (useful for whiteboards) and any software you need Choose the task you are using on the bottom left of the screen. Press "play" to have the task read out. If you need to install the Treasure hunt software on classroom computers, see the Resources index

Estimating and interpreting

Schoolteachers and dentists

There are about 60 million people in the UK.

  • About how many school teachers are there?
  • About how many dentists are there?

Estimate some other facts and check them out!

Modelling and explaining

Sharing office space

The drawing shows four offices in a factory. The workers complain that some offices are more crowded than others. How could the workers be rearranged with the minimum of fuss, so that the offices are equally crowded?

Solving logic puzzles

Treasure hunt

Type coordinates into the yellow spaces to find the treasure, using the clues given by the pirate. What advice would you give someone to help them find the treasure with the least amount of digging?